What Will Biden Do Since His Agenda is Now Dead?


Liberals are secretly planning for a post-Build Back Better future.

With no development on Joe Biden’s flagship bill, elected officials and strategists from all over the governing party are busy planning how to run midterms elections.

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Democrats must figure out how to do this without the advantage of a law to strengthen the social security net and make intergenerational investments to combat climate change.

It’s Not Looking Good

It’s hardly the ideal situation.

Some party officials and campaign managers are hopeful the White House will be able to resurrect conversations around the project in order to preserve some popular parts.

However, in interviews with almost two dozen Democrats involved in the forthcoming race, there is a growing fear political inertia will prevail and their party will be compelled to drastically alter its core message to appeal to voters.

“I don’t believe any of us expect any to succeed,” said Colin Strother, a Democrat strategist with experience in Texas House elections. According to Strother, the Democrat Party in Washington has “unimpressed, underperformed, and undersold” its achievements thus far.

“It encouraged our opponents, demoralized our supporters, and made our chances for 2022 low, if not bleak. So we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us to get out of this. We’d best have some golden f*ckin’ spades,” says the narrator.

Liberals believed if they moved swiftly on the Build Back Better program, people would reward them. Many specific issues, such as promises to reduce healthcare premiums and continue an ambitious extension of the child credit, have high public support.

People who are close to the White House say the Democrats’ ability to blame Republicans for sheltering businesses from paying more taxes to fund the proposals would be the most powerful element.

Renegade Democrats are Making Life Difficult

Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin revealed late last year he couldn’t back the latest version of the bill, putting their plans on hold.

With the bill stalling and the White House shifting its focus to voting rights, campaigners are laying up narrative loops around their previous accomplishments and how Republicans hindered further progress.

Renowned Democratic analyst Stan Greenberg warned losing the big bill would exacerbate Biden’s party’s difficulties in an already problematic electoral environment.

Greenberg is one of the few people Politico has spoken with who thinks liberals can carry something through Washington in the coming months. “You truly seem to have a very different definition of the elections if this stuff just goes away,” he remarked.

Officials from the White House claim they are far from having to give up on enacting the massive environmental and social spending bill; they say talks among staff and a wide spectrum of key lawmakers are still ongoing.

“Every significant economic bill we’ve enacted, including the American Rescue Package and the bipartisan infrastructure bill, had ups and downs. It requires completing the work while filtering out distractions,” said White House spokesman Andrew Bates.