Biden Wants to Destroy Businesses in America

The court challenges against the Biden government’s COVID-19 vaccinate or test mandate for major organizations are progressing.

Meanwhile, a consortium of businesses said in federal court yesterday they will suffer “irreversible damage” if the court fails to completely block the requirement.

The Resistance is Strong

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decided to issue a temporary injunction last weekend. Following this, a few staffing companies, Christian business owners, and other businesses initated a court filing.

This filing is arguing the benchmark should be totally blocked “to safeguard Americans from becoming blackmailed to conform with the unlawful vaccine requirement during the proceeding of this court action.”

The Texas-led Fifth Circuit appeal is one of at least twelve cases filed by primarily House Republicans, conservative groups, and industry groups.

These people are alleging the vaccine mandate is an illegal abuse of authority by the governmental Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Industry players appealing over the vaccination rule compared the vaccine-or-test demand to the Biden government’s eviction moratorium, citing the court’s order in August to overturn the eviction prohibition.

Then, in the instance of the eviction freeze, the high court determined “our democracy does not allow agencies to act improperly, even in pursuit of laudable ends.” Such measures must be formally authorized by Congress.

“The Supreme Court, just a few months earlier, indicated the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also couldn’t grant themselves power over the country’s property market,” the industry organizations stated in a court filing on Tuesday.

“If at all, comprehensive authority must originate from Congress.”

The Department of Labor issued emergency guidelines this week, requiring private enterprises with more than 100 workers to verify their personnel is immunized or subject to weekly testing by Jan. 4.

In a court document on Monday, the Biden government said the regulation was completely within OSHA’s power.

The White House also claimed a lifelong stay “would undoubtedly cost scores, if not hundreds, of fatalities per day.”

The Government Won’t Succeed

Advocates for OSHA, as well as the Labor Department, spoke to a judging panel in the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans on Monday.

These advocates said the corporations’ legal arguments are inconsistent with previous court rulings and national rules, thereby unlikely to be successful.

They also stated companies and governments contesting the rule do not qualify for “urgent” relief, since the mandate’s impacts will not be felt for another two months.

Companies, on the other hand, that are contesting the regulation in the Fifth Circuit, claim the Biden administration is attempting to have it both ways.

“It cannot declare this an ’emergent situation’ and a ‘grave danger’ which requires immediate attention that bypasses the notice-and-comment regulatory process.”

“They can’t do this while insisting the courts have ample chance to discuss this issue on the usual routine timetable without expedited evaluation,” a company consortium argued in a court document on Tuesday.