Biden to Attend Second Presidential Debate

"Pittsburgh Union Station Stop on the Whi" (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by Biden For President

At this time, there are two more planned presidential debates. The second debate is set for October 15, while Biden and Trump are scheduled to gather for a third and final time on October 22.
This week, Mike Pence and Kamala Harris will debate one another; however, many Americans are more focused on the two upcoming presidential debates and whether or not they’ll take place as scheduled.

The future of the debates is presently in question due to President Trump testing positive for COVID-19 on Friday. Since then, the president has received medical care at Walter Reed Hospital; there’s also talk of him returning to the White House as early as today.
The president’s campaign has stated that he will, in fact, partake in two more debates, even if the dates have to be postponed a bit; however, according to Washington Examiner, Joe Biden intends to be present at the second debate…with or without President Trump in attendance.

A Closer Look at the Scheduled October 15 Debate

The second presidential debate will commence in precisely ten days; unlike the first debate in Ohio, the second one will be in Miami, Florida and adhere to the format of a town hall.
Over the weekend, Americans learned that Biden will be going to this debate. News of the former vice president’s plans to attend the second debate comes after multiple Democrats urged him to refuse any more debates against Trump, following the first one.

According to Symone Sanders, the senior adviser to the Biden campaign, the 2020 Democrat nominee is “looking forward” to next Thursday’s debate. Sanders explained that while the Biden camp is hopeful that President Trump is “medically able to participate,” the 2020 Democrat will be there regardless.

Will Trump Attend the Second Presidential Debate?

Over the weekend, the president of the United States released several videos indicating that he’s making a progressive recovery from COVID-19.
In keeping with the highly survivable nature of coronavirus, the president has continued working and running the nation, even from Walter Reed Hospital. On Sunday, Trump also managed to do a drive-by wave to supporters who stationed themselves outside of the facility.
The president seems to be doing well, despite the coronavirus diagnosis. Members of the first family and others who know and work with Trump maintain that he’s in high spirits and will beat this virus. Ultimately, the likelihood of Trump attending the second presidential debate appears very probable.
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