Biden Teases Potential Visit to Texas Amid Historic Snowstorms

"Texas National Guard" (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

For just about a week now, the state of Texas has been blind-sighted by horrible snowstorms. These storms wreaked havoc on power lines, water supplies, and more. Some Texans have even tragically died, due to the snowstorm and the ripple effect of harm caused.

“Glendover Park in the Snow, February 18,” (CC BY 2.0) by gurdonark

On Thursday, Biden called Texas Governor Greg Abbott to discuss the situation and confirm that the federal government has the Lone Star State’s back. The Democrat president’s phone call to the Texas governor arrived after days of Biden’s silence regarding the state’s storms.

On Friday, the current president teased the possibility of visiting Texas, reported Breitbart News.

A Possible Texas Visit from Joe Biden

Yesterday, the Democrat president spoke to press from the comforts of the White House. During his communication with reporters, Biden revealed potential plans to visit the Lone Star State next week, but under the conditions of not “creating a burden.”

The current president then went on to promise that he’ll serve “all Americans” across the country. Barring online posts uploaded Thursday and remarks on Friday, Biden has declined to publicly talk about the snowstorms that are hurting Texas and its residents.

Finally, Biden told reporters that FEMA is working to assist the Lone Star State by sending over resources; these resources include water, generators, blankets, and food. The president’s remarks to the press then included a promise to declare Texas as a site of significant disaster.

Too Little, Too Late from Biden?

The Democrat president is under fire from conservatives for his response to the multiple problems in Texas.

Right-leaning Americans view Biden’s days and days of silence as unacceptable; conservatives are also noting that if Trump were president now, he wouldn’t have waited this long to publicly address the situation. The 45th president would also be in Texas, rather than putting off a visit to the Lone Star State as Biden is doing.

The lackluster responses from Biden also arrive after a series of other issues that are concerning to Republicans in America. Biden has yet to open schools, despite the CDC giving the green light for teachers and students to return to classrooms. The looming harm from the loss of Keystone Pipeline jobs is another matter that conservatives aren’t happy with Biden about.

What do you think about Joe Biden’s public reaction to the snowstorms and subsequent crises facing the state of Texas? Weigh in with your views in the comments section down below.