Biden Takes Same Stance on Deportations as Trump, Democrats Remain Silent…

Over the weekend, a new level of hypocrisy amongst the Democrat Party was revealed. For months now, the left-wing has pretended to be outraged over the Trump administration’s crackdowns on illegal immigration.

Over recent days, Democrats also censured the president for following through on his promise to have Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) conduct raids and enforce the deportations of illegal immigrants who were ordered to leave the country already. An onlooker may truly believe that progressives take issue with these deportations, but the outrage is really over President Trump himself, not the deportations.

On Friday, Biden was swarmed and confronted by protesters while campaigning in Dover, New Hampshire. One of the protesters asked Biden to apologize for the massive deportations which occurred under the Obama administration, as reported by Fox News. The former vice president refused to apologize…and not a single Democrat leader has condemned him. This speaks volumes and should let Americans know that progressives care more about politics than deportations.

Biden on Deportations Under the Obama Administration

The protester who wound up confronting Biden in Dover about deportations explained his situation to the former vice president turned presidential candidate. He noted his status as a father, the “deportation proceedings” which he experienced and then asked Biden to atone for the millions of illegal immigrants which former President Obama deported.

Biden’s refusal to apologize reads as follows:

“No. I will not halt deportations and detentions.”

See for yourself:

Isn’t that something?

Phony Outrage over Trump-Era Deportations

The reality is this: no matter which president is in office, illegal immigration is still a crime. Regardless of how difficult migrants’ situations may be in their homelands, this does not justify hopping over the border, or otherwise circumventing the immigration laws of this nation. Now, if Democrats were truly angry about deportations as a whole (instead of just being angry over the Trump presidency), then they would have plenty to say about Biden’s support of deportations under the Obama administration.

Since the inception of ICE raids over the weekend, Democrats have said plenty. “Families belong together; unity is our power,” says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Where was this attitude when illegal immigrants were deported during 2009-2017? The jig is up; Democrats can stop pretending to care about removing illegal immigrants from the United States. They should end the charades and face the fact that they are outraged over Donald Trump being in office, not ICE deportations.

Do you think any Democrats will come out against Biden since he’s standing by deportations under the Obama administration? Sound off in the comments section down below!