Biden Swears on Hot Mic That ‘No One F***s With’ His Family

(Social media video snapshot)

President Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden has once again been caught in a hot mic blunder.

This fresh one is particularly embarrassing. It reveals Sleepy Joe swearing brutally as he brags “no one f—s with a Biden” – while visiting the Florida wreckage caused by Hurricane Ian.

Biden’s United Relief Front With DeSantis

Hot mic incidents haven’t been the most prevalent type of Biden’s countless public gaffes, but they have been quite remarkable. In one such case, back in January, Sleepy Joe called a Fox News reporter a “stupid son of a bitch.”

His latest blunder came after he demonstrated a united front on relief efforts together with Florida’s popular Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. The Democratic president went to the Sunshine State to observe the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian.

The Category 4 storm became one of the strongest to have ever pummeled the territory of the United States. Besides all the damage to homes and infrastructure, it caused the deaths of more than 100 people.

Biden and DeSantis have been trading jabs most of the time, particularly on topics such as the former’s de facto erasure of the US-Mexican border. This led to the invasion of the United States by more than five million illegal immigrants.

On one occasion, Biden even mocked DeSantis by asking about him, “Governor who?!,” to which the latter responded by noting Sleepy Joe may have forgotten who he was due to cognitive memory issues.

(Social media video snapshot)

‘No One F—s’ With Empty Shelves Joe

After he inspected the Hurricane Ian damage in Fort Myers, Florida, together with First Lady Jill Biden and Florida’s own first couple, Ron and Casey DeSantis, Biden delivered an address and shook hands with the Republican governor.

After his speech, however, Sleepy Joe was speaking to Ray Murphy, the mayor of Fort Myers, when a hot mic caught part of their conversation.

Biden could be heard telling Murphy one could not argue with “your brothers outside the house.” The mayor thanked the Democratic president for visiting his town in the wake of the hurricane.

He also said Biden was “God d—n right” to state that “no one f—s” with him, The Daily Mail reported. “There you go!” the mayor exclaims and grins after Biden utters the phrase.

It remained unclear what exactly the two of them were discussing. In subsequent comments to NBC News, Murphy didn’t make that clear, either.

He only said that both he and Biden are Irish Catholics, and “devout” ones at that. Yet, some “salty language comes out” from time to time.

Other than the hot mic comments, Sleepy Joe got through his Florida visit without any major gaffes or “senior moments” – unless one counts the fact that he referred to DeSantis as “guv.”

At the same time, though, Biden did praise Florida’s governor, stating “he has done a good job.” He argued the two of them worked “hand in glove,” despite having “different political philosophies.”

During his remarks, Biden compared the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian to a 2004 incident in which his own home in Delaware was hit by lightning and caused a fire in the kitchen.

Empty Shelves Joe’s point was that even though the fire was small and extinguished in just 20 minutes, his family still lost a lot, which was why he could imagine the toll the hurricane devastation has taken on the lives of those affected.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.