Biden Slammed for Using U.S. Healthcare Funds to Pay for Illegal Immigrants

"Lincoln Memorial at Blue Hour" (CC BY 2.0) by John Brighenti

Under President Trump, America First policies were at the helm; under President Biden, America Last policies are at the helm and putting this nation through the wringer.

Time and time again, Biden puts the interests of foreign nations above the United States. Even when dealing with domestic policy, the president continuously chooses to weaken, rather than strengthen, the country he’s in charge of leading. 

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Thus far, Biden’s policies are worsening economic problems, chipping away at energy independence, and casting doubt on law enforcement. To make matters worse, this president is rejecting bipartisanship left and right and simply doing whatever he pleases. 

According to Breitbart News, Biden is now pulling from U.S. healthcare funds to pay the way of illegal immigrants. 

Putting Illegal Immigrants Before the American People

Since the Democrat president’s time in the Oval Office, he has withdrawn at least $2 billion from U.S. healthcare programs to fund illegal immigrants. To be precise, the billions of dollars being taken away from healthcare programs designed to aid the American people is being used to get illegal immigrants reunited with their kids. 

Biden’s managed to withdraw these funds by going through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Programs designed to increase COVID-19 testing and even the funds for the emergency medical reserve have seen $850 million taken out. 

Other health programs across the board have lost close to $436 million because Biden decided to prioritize illegal immigrants over American citizens. Of course, these are critical details that the president has worked hard to keep from going public. 

The only reason Americans are just now learning about this is due to reports from Politico. 

Open Borders, Amnesty, and the Works

Withdrawing U.S. healthcare funds to pay for illegal immigrants is only the tip of Biden’s abysmal immigration policies. 

Earlier this month, the president also took a meeting with illegal immigrants seeking national amnesty. When reporters pressed to find out more about this meeting, the White House declared that in President Biden’s view, illegal immigrants comprise the U.S. fabric and American Dream. 

From the jump, this president has embraced one unsustainable policy after the other. As time passes, things are getting worse, not better. As Biden withdraws from American healthcare programs, he’s also looking to raise taxes on U.S. businesses and individuals. 

Left unchecked, Biden and his administration will continue with the very dangerous direction they’re taking the country. This is yet another reason why getting Republicans back into the congressional majority is so imperative. 

The nation cannot survive an ongoing leftist monopoly on power. 

What do you think about President Biden using funds for U.S. healthcare to pay the way of illegal immigrants? Don’t hold back your views down below in the comments section.