Biden Sets Tentative Deadline for Infrastructure Package Agreement

"Vice President Joe Biden" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Antonio Villaraigosa

In Washington D.C., infrastructure is a very hot topic. Republicans and Democrats remain in talks about putting together a spending bill to fix the many infrastructure challenges facing the United States. 

While infrastructure is less divisive than other political topics, the GOP and Democrats are still struggling to see eye to eye on this matter.

“Joe Biden” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

The White House, meanwhile, has indicated that President Biden wants the ultimate infrastructure package to have bipartisan support; since Biden’s administration began, though, he’s worked with Democrats in Congress to sideline Republicans.

At this time, negotiations and talks on infrastructure remain in the works. According to Newsmax, Biden wants to see an infrastructure package agreement before June 2021 arrives. 

What to Know About Biden’s Tentative Deadline

Yesterday, President Biden met with Republican senators yet again; Thursday’s gathering arrived after another meeting on infrastructure earlier in the week. 

In the latest meeting, Biden informed Republican congressmembers that he’d like for all parties to reach an agreement on infrastructure before May comes to a close. The White House also confirmed that this tentative deadline is one that Biden remains optimistic about. 

Thus far, this is a tall order. Meetings are a step forward from zero negotiations; however, the Republicans and Democrats are not in agreement regarding critical aspects of a spending package for infrastructure. Firstly, Democrats are interested in raising taxes to fund a spending bill; however, Republicans say no deal. 

Funding for the aforementioned infrastructure package is one of the most basic aspects of moving forward on a bill. Additional clashes between the GOP and Democrats deal with the appropriate amount of allocated funds and the content of the infrastructure bill. 

Unwillingness to Compromise

Yesterday didn’t mark the first time that President Biden met with GOP congressmembers.

Before the American Rescue Plan made it through Congress, Biden gathered with Republican lawmakers for talks; then, after the sit-down with GOP members, the president told Democrats to pass his bill no matter what Republicans had to say. 

Despite multiple meetings with Republicans this week, President Biden has demonstrated zero willingness to compromise or meet the GOP in the middle. This is not in keeping with a president who aims to work with the other side; however, Biden’s unwillingness to compromise is in keeping with a president gearing up to do whatever he wants. 

Republicans have maintained that they’re willing to work with this president on infrastructure; however, increasing taxes on the American public remains a hard no for GOP congressmembers. Until Democrats change their plan to increase taxes, talks on infrastructure are unlikely to progress into a bipartisan agreement. 

Do you think Republicans and Democrats will reach an agreement on infrastructure before this month ends? Share your predictions in the section for comments down below.