Biden Regime Members Work With UN To Push Black Reparations

The United Nations (UN) is a key part of the globalist plan for getting rid of America and moving forward with Agenda 2030.

Biden regime appointee and Howard Law Professor Justin Hansford recently spoke at a special UN forum, where he made waves demanding reparations for black Americans.

Specifically, he wants $5 million for each black descendant of slavery in the United States. Yes, seriously.

End Black ‘Slavery’ in America

Hansford claimed there is still black “slavery” going on in the US and demanded an end to it. He may be having some dementia issues, but actually, it’s no longer pre-1865.

Speaking at a Reparations Tribunal, Hansford said white people need to stay out of the reparations discussions and black Americans descended from slaves deserve $5 million each.

Speaking before the UN panel for People of African Descent, Hansford said it’s time for “our own” justice for black people. He added he’s sick of hearing white opinions on black justice.

Reparations Now!

Hansford’s comments aren’t random. They are part of a growing chorus of demands for black reparations.

Special task forces on reparations have even been set up in places like California, where Democrats have to pay lip service and pretend to agree to get elected.

Hansford upping the ante by heading to the UN and demanding black-run, black-only reparations is the next step. With victim mentality being pushed by globalist media and politicians every day, what he’s saying becomes more likely by the day.

The Bottom Line

Hansford was put at the UN by the Biden regime, which only cares about skin color and minority status in nominating members.

If you’re not far left or a minority, you’re not in the Biden regime. This idea of pushing reparations is actually possible as cultural and economic communism continues to advance inside the United States.

Keep your eyes open.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.