Biden Refuses to Directly Address Tara Reade Rape Allegation

"Joe Biden" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Despite what Joe Biden and his political team may be hoping for, the increasingly-more credible rape allegation against him is not going away.

Reviewing the Rape Allegation Against Biden

Weeks ago, former Senate staffer Tara Reade came forward with graphic and troubling allegations against the presumptive nominee of the Democrat Party.
Reade maintains that when she worked for Biden in 1993, he forced his hands up her clothing and inside of her. Furthermore, she stated that when she tried to speak up about the incident, she was dismissed and professionally penalized.
In the past few days alone, multiple new accounts to confirm Reade’s accusations against Biden have materialized, reports Fox News. One account deals with Reade’s mother calling Larry King Live in 1993 and noting that her daughter had issues with a “prominent senator.” Since this account, neighbors, relatives, and friends of Reade have come forth and confirmed having conversations about the alleged assault from Biden.

Silence from Joe Biden

The former vice president’s campaign has come out and denied Reade’s allegations. However, Biden himself has yet to issue a direct denial; the silence couldn’t possibly be any more deafening.
While Biden won’t be able to hide from Reade’s allegations forever, what’s equally as troubling as his silence is the mainstream media’s complicity. The assumptive Democrat nominee has given multiple interviews since Reade’s allegations first broke; yet none of the outlets that interviewed Biden have directly asked him about Reade’s claims.

Everyone in America knows that if Joe Biden were a Republican facing the allegations from Reade, the mainstream media would run the story nonstop. The feminist groups, MeToo crowds, and other groups that claim to support women would also be screaming from the rooftops. Once again, though, this proves that the left only cares about sexual assault allegations when a conservative is the one facing them.
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