Biden Pushed by His Colleagues to End the Filibuster

Perhaps one of President Joe Biden’s key congressional backers is urging him to endorse altering the Senate filibuster; this follows weeks of failures and paralysis on passing leftist policies.

According to POLITICO, Democrat House Whip Jim Clyburn believes Biden must support establishing a special provision in the Senate’s legislative filibuster for legislation affecting the Bill of Rights.

In essence, the change will allow Democrats to approve their broad electoral reform package; it will also clear the way for a bill amending key elements of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

Ending the Filibuster Will Totally Silence Republicans

Clyburn’s remarks are really the latest move by prominent leftists to circumvent conservative resistance to their voting reform bill.

Biden, personally, is planning a much more vigorous effort to sway public support of the proposals. The White House said he will travel to Philadelphia on Tuesday; while in Philadelphia, Biden will give a speech about his administration’s steps to defend the fundamental, democratic right to privacy. 

Biden’s speech will come only days after former President Barack Obama met with members of international civil rights groups at the White House; these groups urged Biden to utilize his voice, weight, and authority to help in this time of crisis.

However, the administration’s capacity to directly oppose voter legislation being debated or enacted by Republican-led states around the country is constrained.

The Democrat Party has a 50-50 majority in the Senate and a narrow House majority. So far, Democrat Sen.. Joe Manchin has shown little willingness to alter the parliamentary filibuster to the extent that would be required to advance more of leftist program.

Recent Supreme Court decisions have reduced the Justice Department’s power to sue states over voting regulations deemed ethnically discriminating, contributing to the challenges.

Democrats Concerned They Will Lose Support Should They Not Go Ahead with the Bill

Liberals can kiss the majority farewell if the twin voting rights initiatives currently before Senate do not reach Biden’s office soon, according to Clyburn.

He said he can appreciate the voters’ displeasure in a place like Georgia, where citizens stood up in January in ways no one expected.

In reaction to Clyburn’s remarks, an administration official expressed Biden’s appreciation and respect for the lawmaker; the Biden aide also noted the president’s backing for a verbal filibuster.

A verbal filibuster requires a lawmaker or group of lawmakers to be physically present on the floor to delay legislation. However, Biden has conspicuously avoided queries regarding whether he thinks laws should require 60 votes to be filibustered or not.

Concern and outrage are growing among liberal groups, civil rights campaigners, and Democrat legislators over the failure to pass right to vote reform.

Liberals interviewed with POLITICO think that failing on this one will culminate in not only election defeats, but also a meaningful effect on the country’s governance if additional conservative states implement voting access limits.