Biden Panders to Progressives After Sanders Endorsement

"Joe Biden" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Joe Biden’s time in the political arena has earned him a deserved reputation as a Democrat establishment politician. If anything, the 2020 presidential election has only solidified this perception of the former vice president.
Throughout the primary season of this race, the left-wing establishment has worked behind the scenes to boost Biden’s candidacy. Americans witnessed this when multiple Democrat candidates dropped out of the race and endorsed Biden around the time of Super Tuesday. The former vice president’s obtainment of back-to-back endorsements from candidates who previously talked about their Super Tuesday campaign strategies was no coincidence.

Even with the new endorsement from Bernie Sanders, Biden is still in the doghouse with progressives. As a matter of fact, the presumptive Democrat nominee’s standing with the progressive wing is so poor that he’s now pandering to them, reports Breitbart News.

The Appeal to Progressive Left-Wingers

Biden’s attempt to get progressives behind him occurred during a livestream conference with socialist Bernie Sanders. After Sanders’ endorsement, Biden expressed an interest in collaborating with the Vermont socialist to push socialist policies. Furthermore, the presumptive Democrat nominee vowed to bring “the most progressive” administration to the White House.

Not long afterward, the former vice president declared that he hopes Sanders supporters will join him. Quite frankly, he shouldn’t hold his breath. Over the weekend, the Democratic Socialists of America, a group that backed Sanders, came out and firmly declared their refusal to back Biden. This sentiment remains alive and well with many other progressives who were eager to see a President Bernie Sanders.

Bernie or Bust?

Many progressive Democrats adopted the “Bernie or Bust” mantra; this signified their interest in taking a stance against the Democrat establishment.

As such, Biden shouldn’t be too shocked if Sanders supporters aren’t eager to flock to him and give their votes. There is a very real possibility that Sanders supporters may write-in a candidate, sit the 2020 election out, or even vote for President Trump. One of the greatest divides within the Democrat Party is the mainstream establishment vs. the progressives.
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