Biden Official FIRED аs Crimes Stack Up 

President Joe “Gender Ideology” Biden’s scandalous nuclear waste official Sam Brinton no longer works at the US Department of Energy.

This is over accusations that he stole baggage in two different airports, a development painting the Democratic administration as a ship of fools.

Biden’s Much-Celebrated Repulsive Trans Activist

A freakishly-looking, mustached, bold 35-year-old man dressing and wearing makeup like a woman, Brinton made headlines in June. He was appointed at the nuclear waste management body of the US Energy Department.

While serving as a nuclear waste official in the federal government, Brinton was “teaching” seminars on “puppy fetishes” and “dog role-playing” sexual acts.

As a transgender activist, the so-called “non-binary nuclear waste guru” was celebrated far and wide on mainstream media as a nauseating “success story.”

In the case of Sam Brinton as a transgender icon of the new “normal,” however, his basking in the sunlight of the mainstream media propaganda machine barely lasted six months.

As of early December, the trans and puppy fetish “activist” was no longer working at the US Department of Energy, Daily Mail reported. The report, which cited a DE spokesperson, pointed out that Brinton “uses ‘they/their’ pronouns” to refer to himself.

The spokesperson declared the Department of Energy was not allowed “by law” to “comment on personnel matters” beyond confirming that Brinton was no longer among its employees.

In a further epitome of the dysfunctionality of the Biden administration, the paper noted nobody would say whether the transgender nuclear waste “guru” resigned, got axed, or was allowed to leave before getting axed.

Suitcases Filled with Women’s Clothes and Jewelry

Sam Brinton’s departure from Biden’s Energy Department is connected with accusations and charges filed against him for stealing airport baggage in two separate cases and two different states.

According to the charges, Brinton stole suitcases from the airports in Las Vegas and Minneapolis. At first, only the Minneapolis incident was reported, with the “trans nuclear guru” claiming it was a misunderstanding.

In one of the cases, at the Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, Brinton took from a carousel luggage belt a $320 suitcase containing jewelry, clothes, and makeup worth over $3,000.

There is no clarity as to whether Brinton took a random suitcase or targeted a luxury brand. The incident occurred on July 6 of this year.

In another case, he took another person’s suitcase from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in Minnesota and brought it to his hotel room. Brinton’s first court hearing on both cases is scheduled for December 19.

The Las Vegas police linked him to the first incident in November after there were media reports of how he took a woman’s suitcase in Minneapolis. In the second case, Briton first denied (then admitted to) taking the bag, but claimed it was a mistake.

Biden’s White House has adamantly refused to offer any comments on Brinton’s actions, arguing they are not a political issue.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.