Biden Mandates Masks on U.S. Federal Property

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Last year, Democrats became fond of not only wearing face masks, but also forcing other people to wear masks, regardless of whether or not those other people want to.
Joe Biden, during his 2020 campaign for the presidency, vowed that he would institute a nationwide mask mandate, should he defeat then-President Donald Trump. At some point, Biden realized that he lacked the authority to force every single American across the nation to wear a mask; after going back and forth, Biden eventually amended his vow, stating that he’d mandate masks when and where he could.

“2020.11.06 At the White House, Washingto” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by tedeytan

Yesterday, Biden kept this promise. Following his inauguration, the 46th president signed an executive order that mandates masks on U.S. federal property, Breitbart News confirms.

A Closer Look at Biden’s Mask Mandate

Under Biden’s executive order, social distancing and face masks are required on interstate commerce and on the nation’s federal property. During remarks to the press yesterday, the 46th president stated that his mask mandate is in keeping with promises he made on the campaign trail to mandate face coverings “wherever [he] can.”

While Biden signed this executive order, he too wore a mask and sat at the Oval Office’s Resolute Desk. Under the new president’s order, federal contractors and employees are forced to wear face masks; likewise, Biden is mandating that federal agencies comply with the CDC’s calls for masks and social distancing.

No Nationwide Mask Mandate

Biden’s repeated calls for America to “mask up” are largely falling on deaf ears. Americans who believe in face masks are already wearing them; those who don’t believe in masks won’t have their minds changed by the 46th president.

As previously stated, Biden lacks the authority to institute a nationwide mask mandate. A matter of that nature will ultimately come down to the state levels, despite Democrats’ love for big government. Many states warned months ago that should Biden take office, they wouldn’t go along with shutdown orders or calls to implement forced masking.
Yesterday, the 46th president spoke to the media to describe his mask mandate and its components as “starting points.”
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