Biden Links Ex-Military, Former Police Officers to White Supremacist Groups

"Joe Biden" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Joe Biden’s presidency continues failing in its professed mission to heal “red vs. blue” tensions and unify the country. Instead, Biden-era policies are pleasing the most radically far-left groups while leaving many other Americans struggling and suffering.

To this day, the current president has yet to walk back his shutdown of Keystone Pipeline. This is something that both Republicans and Democrats have called on Biden to restore. Meanwhile, Biden is also looking to force through new gun control restrictions and mass amnesty while millions of Americans remain unemployed.

“Joe Biden at McKinley Elementary School” (CC BY 2.0) by Phil Roeder

On Tuesday, Biden spoke with CNN for his first town hall event as president. During this event, the Democrat president tied ex-military people and former police officers to an alleged surge in white supremacist organizations, Breitbart News confirms.

Biden on Former Military and Police Officers

On Tuesday, Biden claimed that the Civil Rights Movement and opposition against racial hatred ultimately inspired him to get into politics. The 46th president then stated that the Department of Justice and Civil Rights Division, under his administration, will greatly focus on the KKK and white supremacist groups.

Biden, at the CNN town hall, later professed that studies have shown that ex-military officers and former police officers are behind “the growth of white supremacy” in America. In making such a claim, the Democrat president did not further elaborate or provide supporting statistics or any form of data.

Finally, Biden falsely declared that Donald Trump, as president, never condemned the Proud Boys.

Additional Falsehoods at the Biden Town Hall

Biden’s remarks about ex-military officers, former police officers, and the 45th president are far from the only falsehoods he spewed. The Democrat president also wrongly claimed during Tuesday night’s CNN town hall that no coronavirus vaccine distribution plan existed prior to his administration.

This is simply and categorically untrue. Former President Trump’s administration is the one that developed the Operation Warp Speed program; this allowed for the COVID-19 vaccine to be created and subsequently administered in rapid time.

Since the Biden town hall the other night, many Americans have called out the plethora of falsehoods from the 46th president.

What do you think about Joe Biden tying former police officers and ex-military individuals to an alleged surge in white supremacy groups? What did you make of the CNN town hall altogether? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.