Biden Keeping His Distance from Trump Impeachment Trial

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Trump’s impeachment trial is garnering national attention and headlines. The trial is set to commence in the Senate today; although, on Monday, both Trump attorneys and House impeachment managers released statements and memos regarding the proceedings.
Attorneys working for the 45th president maintain that his speech is protected by the First Amendment; after also stating that Congress has no grounds to put a former president on trial, Trump’s lawyers urged the Senate to acquit Trump and abandon all charges against him. House impeachment managers subsequently responded by stating they’ll make a solid case for the former president’s conviction in the Senate.

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Many Americans have wondered whether or not Joe Biden will be tuning into the impeachment proceedings of his predecessor. According to Washington Examiner, Biden won’t be devoting much focus to the impeachment trial whatsoever.

The White House on the Trump Impeachment Trial

Yesterday, the press secretary of the Biden White House, Jen Psaki, explained that Biden will be “pretty busy” and therefore not spending much time reviewing the impeachment trial. Psaki made this point during yesterday’s White House press briefing; she also explained that the Democrat president is unlikely to comment on the Senate’s impeachment proceedings either.

Interestingly enough, the White House is also steering clear of whether or not Biden believes the trial will result in Trump’s conviction or acquittal. Many Republicans in the Senate are against the impeachment trial of Trump; some don’t even view the proceedings as constitutional since the 45th president is now out of office.
Based on the current congressional consensus of impeachment, a two-thirds Senate vote in support of Trump’s conviction is highly unlikely.

The True Motivation Behind Impeachment

Democrats in Congress are well aware that should Trump’s trial result in conviction, the 45th president will no longer be able to seek public office. Despite not having the votes on their side, this is why House impeachment managers and others who oppose Trump are still pushing forward.

Many aides and allies of Trump are eager to see him acquitted. It would mark the second acquittal of the former president; moreover, Trump would be able to credibly say that he is vindicated and cleared of all charges. Democrats, on the other hand, have implied that a Senate that convicts Trump is “courageous,” whereas a Senate that acquits him is “cowardly.”
What do you think about the White House’s attitude towards the Trump impeachment trial? Do you believe Trump will be ultimately acquitted or convicted? Let us know down below in the comments area.