Biden is Now Considering Reverting to Immigration Laws That He Campaigned Against

After President Joe Biden abandoned similar limits on families entering the country illegally more than a year ago, his administration is seriously contemplating reintroducing them.

Biden Administration is Panicking

As the government prepares to repeal Title 42, a Trump-era health regulation that permitted U.S. Border Patrol personnel to steer away migrants at the frontier, Biden officials are considering the decision to reinstate family detention practices, as reported by the New York Times.

In 2021, Biden ended family detention practices in an effort to create an immigration system that is highly organized, safe, and humanitarian.

Biden has presided over an unparalleled immigration problem at the southern border of the United States since coming into office. The administration is concerned that after Title 42 passes on May 11, illegal immigration could reach another all-high.

Notwithstanding the administration’s prior stance that the procedure was cruel and endangered illegal immigrant children, officials have broached the idea of reintroducing family detention as a means of enhancing border security.

The Times reports that officials suggested either putting no restrictions at all or restricting the length of time a household can be kept to two weeks.

In accordance with the Times, no definitive choice has been made about the revival of family expulsion.

Biden’s campaign platform called for stopping lengthy juvenile detentions or not holding minors at all; so a choice to reinstate the policy would amount to a U-turn.

The Biden administration has indeed been discharging children into the territory of the United States with set court appearances to evaluate their asylum applications ever since terminating family detention.

The families were purportedly monitored by the authorities using trackers like ankle bands or mobile phone location information.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement acknowledged struggling to make sense of tens of thousands of immigrants in the previous year.

The information was made public in accordance with a financial disclosure request made by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University (TRAC).

ICE’s reaction that it was possible to no longer locate documentation on immigrants in Alternatives to Detention (ATD) shocked us.

That’s especially after they lately disclosed to us that they’ve been deceiving the public for the last several months by disseminating wildly incorrect ATD data.

The agency needs to be completely transparent. Austin Kocher, an assistant professor at TRAC, stated that the American public should have access to factual information regarding the ATD program.

Border Crisis Out of Control

Even when trying to keep track of the immigrants it was meant to be tracking, ICE deportations have decreased. That’s a result of ICE agents being redistributed to the southern border of the United States to help with border protection.

The year before, ICE sent over 1,000 of its officers to the southern border to assist Customs and Border Patrol officers in detaining and returning individuals, in accordance with Title 42 powers.