Biden Implies that Only Minority Children are Poor

Over the course of the 2020 presidential election and even before, Joe Biden has spent his time referring to President Trump as a racist. Biden maintains that having Trump is office is a threat to America and that only by removing the president from office can the nation heal.

As Biden runs in this current election, he is also attempting to convince the country that he is a worthy opponent to take on Trump and become the next president. Unfortunately for Biden, he doesn’t know how to keep his foot out of his mouth and not make stupid comments.

The Democrat frontrunner’s latest gaffe took place in Iowa when he spoke to the Asian & Latino Coalition PAC. During Biden’s time before the audience, he attempted to discuss the education system and the standards to which various children are held in America. In typical Biden fashion, he blundered and directly exposed his true views, as documented by Fox News.

Reviewing Biden’s True Thoughts on Children in America

Put simply, Biden believes that only minority children are poor. This was obvious when Biden stated that “poor children” are just as talented and bright as “white children.”

Of course, seconds after ending his sentence, Biden realized his Freudian slip and attempted to clean things up by mentioning “wealthy children, black children, Asian children,” but Americans understood precisely what he meant. Since the gaffe, the frontrunner is facing censure from conservatives and even members of his own party.

See the latest Biden blunder for yourself:

Following the backlash, the Biden campaign has attempted to run damage control, but they aren’t fooling anyone. The reality is that Biden meant exactly what he said and later tried to gloss it over.

The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

Telling people to work hard and make smart choices is not racist, contrary to what leftists and progressives might claim. Encouraging individuals to pull themselves up isn’t racist either; however, the idea that certain racial groups are inherently less than or otherwise unable to compete at the same standards as others is racist.

Biden and other Democrats spend so much time branding President Trump and other conservatives as racist. Then, there are statements like the one Biden made earlier this week, which reveal the true thoughts and underlying ideas. It will be interesting to see whether or not more people on the left come out and confront Biden over this.

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