Biden Has Disappeared Once Again Despite Crisis in Afghanistan

President Biden will leave the White House once more on Friday for Wilmington, Delaware. He’s doing this as the Army and Department of State continue to tidy up the aftermath of the failed departure of U.S. forces from Afghanistan.

Is the Administration Even Functional?

As the Afghanistan situation got out of hand, Biden enjoyed the majority of last week in Wilmington and the presidency’s retreat at Camp David. He had been in Camp David once the Taliban seized power on Sunday and the day the US Embassy in Afghanistan was evacuated.

In the face of mounting demands to return to Washington DC on Monday, Biden traveled into the city, made a few statements, and then flew back to Camp David.

On the same day, footage of Afghans clutching to a fleeing American aircraft at the Kabul airfield before plummeting to their demise became viral on the internet.

Late on Tuesday, the commander in chief returned to the White House. He appeared for a chat with ABC News on Wednesday and spoke about COVID-19 without accepting any questions from the press. On Thursday, Biden did not make any public speeches.

After giving comments on the Afghanistan issue on Friday afternoon, Biden would travel to his private residence after spending less than three days in the Capitol in the week.

The White House is Silent

When Fox News asked the White House whether Biden will come to the country’s capital after his newest out-of-town visit, the White House did not respond to requests.

It also didn’t mention if Biden will accept inquiries during his media briefing on Friday; this comes despite the fact that he didn’t take questions on Wednesday, which prompted loud sneers from the White House press crew.

Biden’s latest visit to his home came after the military revealed on Thursday that it had no idea however many Americans are still in Afghanistan. According to the Fox News outlet, the insurgency has set up a perimeter from outside the Kabul airport; here they are assaulting individuals and denying them admission arbitrarily.

The most recent State Department instructions are to use your common sense when traveling to the terminal. The instructions also add that airport entrances may reopen or close without warning.

However, Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo., says citizens are contacting his department to say the Taliban is stopping them from getting to the airport. As per the Fox News outlet, numerous American allies in Kabul who want to be rescued are unable to do so.

Even as the Taliban hunts him down in his hometown, a former translator told Fox News that he isn’t getting answers from US Embassy authorities about his attempts to acquire clearance to enter the country.