Biden Goes to War with Conservative Governors

On Thursday, President Biden slammed conservative governors. This includes Ron DeSantis of Florida, Greg Abbott of Texas, and others for their answers to COVID-19, threatening to use his powers of the presidency to override their jurisdiction.

“Ron DeSantis” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

If You Are Not Vaccinated, It’s All Your Fault

Biden singled out Americans who have not yet been immunized in a speech at the White House about his administrative order to promote COVID-19 vaccines. It’s an unvaccinated epidemic, Biden remarked.

To paraphrase the president: it’s driven by the fact having, after America’s [unique and effective immunization effort], despite the reality that free vaccinations have been accessible in much more than 80,000 different sites for nearly 10 weeks, nearly 80 million Americans have yet to receive the immunization.

Biden Lashed Out at Republican Governors

Biden then shifted his focus to governors who, in his opinion, are not following the COVID-19 rules rigorously enough.

To make this situation worse, elected leaders are actively seeking to derail the campaign against COVID-19, Biden added. Rather than encouraging more people to get immunized and wear protective gear, they’re organizing mobile mortuaries for the unprotected who are dying from COVID in their neighborhoods.

Right now, regional school administrators are attempting to keep kids safe in the face of an epidemic as their governor starts a fight against them, threatening their wages or employment, according to Biden.

By implementing his government’s mask rules, Biden offered to reimburse teachers whose compensation is delayed for doing the correct thing.

After an appeals court judge decided that schools can enforce mask requirements, DeSantis, who authorized masks to stay voluntary in Florida schools, filed an urgent appeal.

In violation of the governor’s directive, school systems in 13 Florida counties have decided to mandate masks, prompting the governor to threaten to revoke their salaries.

DeSantis will Defend Florida

A representative for DeSantis told Fox News that the governor is committed to serving the people of Florida and just not engaging in trivial shouting matches. The DeSantis representative then referred Fox News to comments he provided earlier Thursday outlining his thoughts on federal COVID rules.

DeSantis believes that the more forceful this has gotten, where individuals have threatened mandates, firings, and other business ramifications, the more individuals it disconnects.

On Biden’s latest mandate, DeSantis said he does not really believe they have the lawful authority to do that through the Labor Department. However, the Florida governor also said he clearly would want to promote protections for folks who are just trying to make a living.

Governor Abbott of Texas signed an executive order prohibiting institutions from enforcing mask regulations, thus allowing citizens to choose whether or not to wear masks; this is a move that sparked legal criticism.