Biden Goes Into Hiding After Deceased Congresswoman Gaffe

President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden has – for all practical purposes – gone into hiding after his gaffe earlier this week.

He tried to call out for a deceased Republican congresswoman, as he banned cameras from his meeting with the late politician’s family on Friday.

Biden Was ‘Really Looking Forward’ to This

Sleepy Joe sparked a wave of outrage, ridicule, and shock when, during a food and hunger program event at the White House, he started searching in the crowd for GOP representative Jackie Walorski, who perished in a car accident back in August.

After his fresh senility gaffe, the soon-to-be-80 Democratic president was adamantly defended by his White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre.

Instead of offering a presidential majority, Jean-Pierre went into bizarre explanations about how Biden had the late congresswoman at “top of mind,” which is why he began seeking her out during his blunder earlier this week.

The White House press secretary’s comments led to a shouting match with reporters from the presidential pool. This made the entire situation even more absurd and caused further public indignation.

Besides Biden having the late Jackie Walorski ar “top of mind” in general, Jean-Pierre claimed Empty Shelves Joe’s “top of mind” situation was also due to the fact that he’d been scheduled to host at the White House members of Waloski’s family on Friday.

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Sleepy Joe Was Just ‘Doing a Personal Thing’

As Friday arrived, however, Joe Biden practically went into hiding; he forbade reporters from covering his meeting with Jackie Walorski’s family.

This has quickly given rise to more outrage over allegations the Democratic president is refusing to own up to his gaffe and apologize to relatives of the late congresswoman.

During the event, Biden honored Walorksi’s memory by signing a bill, naming a Veterans Affairs clinic after her, The Daily Mail reported.

Earlier this week, when his press secretary was defending him, she declared the president was “very much looking forward” to meeting the late Republican politician’s family and “discussing her remarkable legacy” with them.

None of that supposed discussion, though, made it to the American public because cameras were banned at the event.

Karine Jean-Pierre declared on Friday the event was a “private moment” shared by Biden, Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader, and the family of the deceased congresswoman.

She insisted not every bill signing Biden did would get put on the schedule and he was involved in “a personal moment.”

The White House press secretary once again argued that Sleepy Joe had been “looking forward” to having Walorski’s family visit in order to honor her memory.

The Democrat president’s gaffe, as well as his ensuing refusal to speak publicly with Walorski’s family, is all the more embarrassing since after her recent death, he issued a special statement and also the White House flags fly at half-mast.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.