Biden Ends Trump-Era “Remain in Mexico” Policy

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Joe Biden, as president, is working hard to walk back just about every single policy that existed under the Trump administration. Unfortunately, the rolled back policies actually benefited the nation and its workers while putting America first. Biden, on the other hand, appears more interested in appeasing his base than actually working on behalf of the country.

“Fortune Brainstorm Health 2017” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Fortunebrainstormhealth

One of the latest Trump-era reforms rolled back by Biden is the Remain in Mexico policy. Under this policy, migrants were to stay in Mexico until the point of their U.S. hearings for asylum; the purpose of this measure was to significantly cut back on asylum fraud.

Biden, however, decided to reverse this measure. Now, with Remain in Mexico gone, the Department of Homeland Security is planning to place more than 25,000 migrants in California and Texas areas, Breitbart News confirms.

What the End of Remain in Mexico Means

With Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy gone, a lot more U.S. communities will suffer a flood of migrants. DHS’s release of migrants into California and Texas areas is set to begin this Friday on the 19th. Roughly 300 migrants each day will therefore be placed in Brownsville and El Paso, Texas and San Diego, California.

According to DHS, these migrants placed on American soil will also receive tests for coronavirus. However, DHS’s internal communications department has not divulged whether or not these COVID-19 tests will be mandatory for entry into the aforementioned U.S. communities.

Although the released migrants will wait for asylum hearings, the Biden administration and DHS lack any plan to track these individuals following their placement in Texas or California. Therefore, there is a very real possibility that these migrants will simply disappear, rather than actually show up for their hearings.

Poor Immigration Policies

With almost a month since Biden’s time as president, his administration has carried out a series of poor immigration policies.

In addition to ending the Remain in Mexico policy, the Democrat president also cancelled any and all construction of Trump’s border wall. The Biden administration is also cracking down on deportations of illegal aliens who commit serious crimes, such as rape or drunk driving.

Left unchecked, illegals will have a free ride under the current White House administration.

What do you think about Joe Biden shutting down the Trump-era Remain in Mexico policy? How will this impact our nation’s communities? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below.