Biden Declares WAR Against the NRA Following El Paso Shooting

Whenever someone goes rouge and commits a mass shooting, Democrats always find ways to blame the National Rifle Association (NRA). This comes in spite of the fact that not a single member of the NRA has ever committed a mass shooting. Despite the truth and despite facts, progressives are bound and determined to scapegoat the NRA as part of a larger, political ploy which opposes gun ownership. Americans are seeing this happen yet again, following this weekend’s tragic shootings in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas.

Following the El Paso shooting, Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden declared an all-out war against the NRA and its esteemed members. According to Biden, he is going to “beat” the NRA and manufacturers of guns, as documented by Breitbart News.

It’s unfortunate that this frontrunner of a major political party is focusing on “beating” innocent individuals, instead of beating those who actually commit crimes and employ guns for nefarious uses. A gun itself can never be responsible for a crime; the individual behind the gun will determine whether or not the tool is used for good or evil.

An Overview of Biden’s Plan

When Biden spoke to reporters about the horrific tragedy in El Paso, this is when he made the statements about the NRA and gun manufacturers. Biden also didn’t miss the opportunity to throw in a few lines which were obviously designed to boost his campaign in the 2020 presidential election.

In the former vice president’s own words:

“I can say without fear of contradiction: Enough is enough is enough. This is a sickness, this is well beyond anything that we should be tolerating. The fact is we can beat the NRA, we can beat the gun manufacturers. I did it. We’ve beat them before, we can do that again and it’s my intention to do just that.”

There is a sickness. The sickness lies in Democrats’ refusal to acknowledge mental health and other factors which prompt violence. Guns are inanimate objects; they are also neither good nor evil. “Beating” in the NRA instead of focusing on factors which are prompting people to commit violence is a farce.

Focusing on the True Threats

Since the incident in El Paso, the NRA has come out and made a statement which offers their condolences and support for individuals who were impacted and authorities who are working on the case.

Instead of taking Biden’s approach, it would be more helpful for Americans to focus on the mental health aspects which prompt these types of shootings. Furthermore, taking note of warning signs which indicate that someone may be a danger is always advantageous; this is something which is notoriously neglected until the real damage is already done. What is it going to take for people to focus on the true threats instead of inanimate objects?

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