Biden Could Be Sued by Arkansas Attorney General

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When Biden ran for president, he vowed to be pro-jobs, pro-union, and pro-energy. Unfortunately for many union workers and blue-collar Americans, however, Biden has not kept this promise. Instead, his energy policies, namely the shutdown of Keystone XL pipeline, have crushed jobs, unions, and the energy sector.

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Republicans and Democrats alike have appealed to the 46th president to reverse his executive action that shuts down Keystone Pipeline and hence kills the thousands of jobs that it creates. Biden, thus far, is refusing. If the Democrat president believed that this matter would eventually go away, well, he’s got another thing coming.

According to Breitbart News, Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge is prepared to bring legal proceedings against the 46th president if he doesn’t walk back his cancellation of Keystone Pipeline.

A Likely Lawsuit Against the 46th President

Earlier this week, Leslie Rutledge, a Republican and the state attorney general for Arkansas, spoke with Fox Business about the devastating impacts that Biden’s shutdown of the pipeline has wreaked upon American workers.

Rutledge explained that so many Arkansans rely upon Keystone XL pipeline construction. When asked if she and other states were prepared to bring legal action against the 46th president, Rutledge confirmed that this is something she’ll do if Biden doesn’t walk back his executive order. The Arkansas attorney general also confirmed the possibility that at least 13 additional states could bring legal proceedings against Biden.

While on Fox Business, Rutledge furthermore explained that the harm wreaked upon American jobs is just one unfortunate factor. The Arkansas attorney general made sure to point out that the 46th president’s executive order hurts national energy independence.

Keeping the Biden Administration in Check

With the House and Senate both under Democrats’ control, the work to keep the Biden administration in check has largely fallen to Republican governors and GOP state attorney generals.

Next November, the GOP will have a clear shot to take back at least one chamber of Congress. If this happens, then the Republican Party, as a collective, will be in a stronger position to keep the current White House administration from running amuck.

Despite multiple appeals from GOP and Democrat Party members alike, Biden hasn’t indicated that he plans to willingly budge on his executive order regarding Keystone Pipeline. Therefore, it appears likely that the Arkansas attorney general and others will end up bringing lawsuits against the 46th president.

What do you think about the Arkansas attorney general’s remarks on Keystone Pipeline? Do you believe Biden should reverse his executive order against this pipeline’s construction permit? Let us know in the comments section below.