Biden Condemns Minneapolis Riots Following Daunte Wright Shooting

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Minneapolis, Minnesota is home to new riots, looting, and other criminal activity after the police shooting of Duante Wright. Businesses and shops in Minnesota are suffering because of individuals who are destroying property, setting fires, and otherwise using the Wright shooting as an excuse to go buck wild. 

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The events in Minnesota are not new and the National Guard has been deployed to the state for safety purposes. Both the Democrat governor of Minnesota and the Democrat mayor of Minneapolis have been in contact with the Biden administration. 

On Monday, Biden spoke from the White House about the Wright shooting and subsequent riots breaking out in Minnesota, as Breitbart News confirms. 

Biden on the Wright Shooting and Minneapolis Riots

Yesterday, President Biden’s remarks about the Wright shooting and Minneapolis riots were not what some people expected.

The 46th president called for a “full-blown investigation” into what happened and whether or not Wright’s shooting happened on accident or intentionally. Already, reports have surfaced that the veteran officer who shot Wright meant to fire her taser, rather than her handgun. 

Biden also condemned the riots and looting happening in Minneapolis. The president declared that “no justification” exists for looting and rioting in the community. After endorsing a display of “peaceful protest,” Biden claimed that while the Minneapolis black community’s “pain” and “trauma” is real and consequential, it doesn’t equate to a free pass for looting and rioting. 

Will the Left Listen to Biden?

Monday night marked the second consecutive night of destruction and violence in Minnesota. Last night’s riots came after Biden’s calls for “peaceful protest” over looting and violence; this clearly shows that the president’s words did not sway the left-wing radicals in Minneapolis. 

Leftists also took to social media on Monday to trash Biden for condemning looting and rioting. Self-professed social justice warriors ignored and brushed aside Biden’s statements about no justification for looting or violence. 

Amid the riots, House Rep. Rashida Tlaib stated that in light of the Wright shooting, there should be no more incarceration, military, or police officers in the United States. This sentiment faced widespread condemnation from folks on both sides of the aisle, interestingly enough. 

What do you think about President Biden’s statements regarding the unrest and riots in Minnesota? How do you think it will impact future displays in Minneapolis? Let us know down below in the comments section.