Biden Classified Document Scandal Sees Ron Klain Resign

Over the course of its two years in office, the Biden administration hasn’t necessarily been a model of consistency, with Vice President Kamala Harris’ office experiencing a particularly high staff turnover rate.

The situation deteriorated to the point where we began to run out of stories to write about as speechwriters, advisers, and staff members left.

Ron Klain on the Chopping Block

Is Joe Biden suddenly the one being put through the wringer now? The president is likely to suffer his greatest loss since entering office, based on a report from the Times.

Ron Klain, the chief of staff in the Biden administration, is anticipated to step down, maybe as soon as February, according to the story.

The longest-serving chief of staff to a Democratic president was Klain, a steadfast Biden supporter and Democratic strategist.  As vice president during the Obama administration, he worked previously as Biden’s chief of staff. He is a lawyer and former lobbyist.

He also worked as a presidential debate trainer for President Biden, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and John Kerry in conjunction with his involvement in both of Bill Clinton’s presidential campaigns.

Klain served as Vice President Al Gore’s and President Barack Obama’s top advisor in the White House. In the HBO drama “Recount,” inspired by the 2000 election and the Bush v. Gore case, in which George W. Bush eventually won the election, Kevin Spacey plays Klain.

Jennifer Rubin must be crying somewhere into a glass of Zima over it. Who will now RT her absurd opinions?

Isn’t that actually Klain’s legacy? He served as the Biden administration’s Baghdad Bob, frequently criticizing the already obedient press for not bending the knee sufficiently.

He was rendered much more absurd by the fact he shared Rubin’s passion for online ravings.

Because the person in power has been so incompetent at carrying out his own duties, it was frequently said that Klain was the “true president.”

Biden’s significant mental deterioration was evident as early as 2019. Klain has been there to guide him every step of the way by telling him what and how to think and say.

The majority of the awful decisions and policies made over the past two years were made by Klain, not the person who hides out in Delaware for nearly half of the year.

Klain Will Claim Retirement

Biden is ultimately responsible; yet, he will not be held accountable for any of his mistakes. That means Klain will have to fill that position, which, considering his level of influence, he somewhat deserves.

Sure, he’ll say it’s about moving on to the next phase, investing more of his time and energy with his family, but we all see what it’s truly about. Every calamity requires a victim and the Biden administration has been a catastrophe.

That being said, don’t anticipate Klain’s replacement to perform any better.