Biden Causes Stir at Second Half of Democrat Primary Debate

Last night, the second half of 2020 Democrat candidates participated in the party’s first primary debate of the 2020 election season.
As the frontrunner, Biden entered the debate with the most to lose and he certainly caused a stir, as documented by Fox News. The former vice president had quite an interesting answer when asked about what his first action would be, in the event of being elected to serve in the White House.

What Would Biden’s First Action as President be?

When asked by the moderators about Biden’s prospective first action has president of the United States, his answer was very telling. It truly spoke to how much Trump Derangement Syndrome has driven the Democrat Party completely insane and, contrary to what Biden might have expected, his answer didn’t do him any favors whatsoever.
In Biden’s own words:

“The first thing I would do is make sure that we defeat Donald Trump. Period.”

The End Result of Trump Derangement Syndrome

It’s truly amazing. Were Biden to run for office and win the 2020 presidential election, wouldn’t Trump already be “defeated?” Why did Biden not see that declaring the “defeat [of] Donald Trump” as his first action as president is very stupid and not well thought out?
This is what happens when a political party becomes so driven by radicalism and hatred for anyone who dares to think differently. If Democrats were truly serious about leading the country and positioning themselves as a political party which wants to be taken seriously, they would drop the constant hatred for our president. Moreover, they would start presenting solutions which don’t involve massive government intervention and stealing money from hardworking Americans via taxes.
Since this is the state of today’s Democrat Party, they should expect to lose to President Trump in 2020. This is the hill which Democrats have chosen to die on.
What do you think about Biden’s answer to moderators? Let us know in the comments section down below!
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