Biden Causes Bewilderment by Degrading Fox News Reporter for Inconvenient Question

(TV snapshot from C-Span)

President Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden injected a fresh dose of bewilderment into the American public by denigrating a reporter posing inconvenient questions.

This happened to be the same journalist Biden previously called a “stupid son of a b—-.”

‘You Are Not Important!’ to Abortion Joe

Earlier this week, Abortion Joe delivered a stuttering speech garnished with word salads and senior moments, On Wednesday, he decided to give it another go at attacking inconvenient opposition-minded reporters.

More specifically, his target once again became Peter Doocy, the White House correspondent of Fox News.

In the latest exchange with Biden, Doocy sought to “clarify to midterm voters” whether the Democratic president’s top domestic issue for the November 8 elections was “inflation or abortion.”

In responding to Doocy’s “abortion or inflation” question this time, Sleepy Joe decided it would be wise to disparage the reporter and his highly legitimate wondering. Biden told Doocey that, unlike the issues at hand, Doocy himself was not important.

“They’re all important. Unlike you,” Biden declared, as cited by The Daily Mail, adding, “there’s no one thing.”

He then went on a tirade of indignation, telling the Fox News journalist to also ask him about foreign policy.

Sleepy Joe declared there were “multiple, multiple, multiple issues,” and cited the old expression that one must be capable of walking and chewing gum “at the same time.”

(TV snapshot from C-Span)

Biden *NOT* Using Strategic Oil Reserve to Win Votes for Democrats?

Besides his bewildering disparagement of the Fox News correspondent, Biden also found the time to explicitly deny accusations that he was using the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve to help Democrats win votes in the upcoming midterm elections.

Empty Shelves Joe has been releasing lots of oil from the strategic reserve over the past few months in an attempt to alleviate consequences of the staggering energy and gas price crisis that he engineered in a number of ways.

Those include his cracking down on America’s domestic oil producers and refiners, as well as his failure to scare off Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine.

Commenting on his latest decision to release a whopping 15 million barrels of strategic reserve oil just three weeks ahead of the midterms, against the backdrop of resuming gas price growth, Sleepy Joe argued his move was “not politically motivated at all.”

Biden then blasted the GOP by wondering whether they had been over the past four months, apparently alluding to the gradual decline of gas prices over that period.

Sleepy Joe also resorted to singing his favorite tune in which he viciously attacked oil companies for failing to produce “enough gas” and refusing to give up their profits at the pump.

It is his administration curtailing the producers’ activities, based on its climate change policy priorities.

Biden argued instead that international oil prices have gone down, but American producers refused to cut their retail prices, a presumption widely disputed by the industry in recent statements.

Since March 2022, Biden has released a full 160 million barrels of oil from the strategic reserve, causing it to plummet to its lowest level in almost 40 years, since 1984.

This article appeared in Powerhouse News and has been published here with permission.