Biden Can't Make a Case for Iowans to Vote for Him

When a candidate decides to run for office, one of the most basic questions they have to answer to is why people should vote for them. Americans know that politicians are eager to get elected and will say just about anything to make this happen. After all, look at the 2020 Democrats who are promising free college, free healthcare, student loan debt cancellation, medical debt cancellation, free housing, etc.

During Joe Biden’s time in Iowa last week, he failed to answer a very basic question about why the people of the state ought to vote for him. The Daily Caller News Foundation reports that Biden directly stated his refusal to make a case for Iowans to support him and discontinue backing President Trump.

This is notably strange behavior for a presidential candidate who claims to want to get elected; however, in light of the other issues which Biden’s been having throughout the 2020 presidential election, it also shows why he’s unfit to become the next commander-in-chief.

Why Iowans Shouldn’t Vote for Biden

Perhaps Biden’s refusal to make a case for Iowans to support him is rooted in his own knowledge that such support would be a very bad idea. When speaking with a reporter who noted that Iowans’ small business growth and employment numbers have surged under President Trump, Biden claimed that economic gains for Iowa predate the 45th president.

The reporter then pushed Biden further by asking why Iowans should “make a change” when the current state of affairs are working out well for them. Of course, Biden couldn’t answer. Overall, the exchange was very awkward and Biden appeared agitated and shaky; it’s clear that nobody on his campaign staff has really gone over these questions with him.

Witness the conversation for yourself:

Biden’s Steady Decline

If you look closely, you’ll see that Biden’s political campaign is steadily declining. There are already certain polls which show Warren and Sanders leading Biden amongst particular Democrat voters. Name recognition and the eight years which Biden served as vice president aren’t going to really save his campaign, even though they’ve largely contributed to why he’s managed to maintain relevance for this long.

If Biden can’t answer basic questions about why Iowans should vote for him, how will he manage to convince a nation of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents to vote for him over Trump? If Biden can’t remember the names of foreign leaders, why should he have access to nuclear codes? The reality is that even many Democrats are waking up to the reality that Biden is unfit to become president.

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