Biden Campaign Tries to Run Damage Control

"Symone Sanders" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Once again, Joe Biden is getting slammed for the poor manner in which he’s choosing to seek the presidency. In addition to facing multiple sexual assault allegations, the Democrat nominee has chosen to hide in his basement for much of the past few months.
Of course, America knows why Biden is hiding in his Delaware home. His campaign team wants to reduce the number of opportunities for Biden to lose his train of thought or say something stupid.

As more and more people speak out about this, Biden’s team is now trying to do damage control and preserve what’s left of the former vice president’s image.
This is why Biden campaign adviser Symone Sanders accused Trump’s re-election campaign of spreading falsehoods about Biden, reports Townhall.

Reviewing Damage Control Attempts for Biden’s Campaign

During an interview with Fox News, Sanders attempted to rewrite the truth. According to the senior Biden adviser, her boss “regularly” engages in interviews and accepts questions from the media. Sanders then claimed that Biden’s campaigning activities have taken place in Colorado, Florida, Michigan, and Texas.

Fox News host Chris Wallace pushed back against this, however. Wallace questioned Sanders, asking why Biden has failed to hold a news conference for a whopping 80 days.
In response, Sanders, again, tried to paint a narrative that simply isn’t there. She answered by claiming that Biden is focusing on “local media,” yet still engaging with reporters and “national media.”

Finally, Symone Sanders professed that any reports of Biden failing to campaign in-person and instead hide away in his basement are “unfounded, salacious [lies].”
What do you think about Biden’s campaign adviser trying to rewrite facts in the favor of her boss? How do you think Joe Biden will campaign for the remainder of the 2020 presidential election? Enlighten us in the comments section below!