Biden Campaign Staffers Accused of Abusing Press Members

2020 Democrat hopeful Joe Biden just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.
Various members of his campaign staff have allegedly mistreated members of the press on multiple occasions, according to Fox News.

Reviewing the Conduct of Biden’s Campaign Staffers

One of the incidents in question took place in Iowa where Biden’s staffers are said to have ordered reporters to leave their events, taken unsolicited images of them and more. Displeased members of the press have not hesitated to take their concerns about the people who are working for and representing Biden to social media.
One account reads as follows:

It continues…

Finally, the freelance field producer stated that members of Joe Biden’s staff attempted to remove him and other reporters from a public area:

So there you have it.
Why Biden’s staffers are behaving in this manner and disrespecting members of the press remains unclear. However, this is certainly not a good look. Part of running for president or signing on to work for a candidate’s election campaign means understanding that interactions with reporters will take place. Those who are opposed to being in the same vicinity as press members probably shouldn’t be working for someone’s presidential election campaign.

Issues Facing Joe Biden

At the end of the day, Biden has many issues which he’s going to have to deal with. The incidents regarding his staffers’ conduct will only make matters worse. Right now, Biden is in a position where many Democrats are not too eager to see him run for office.
Following his announcement for the presidency, Justice Democrats put out a statement, slamming Biden as not far left enough and too much of a “centrist.” Moreover, President Trump stated that Biden lacks the energy and ability to run a successful campaign.
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