Biden Bribery Informant Revealed as ‘Highly Credible’ FBI Source

An informant, in a 2020 document, told the FBI that then-Vice President Joe Biden participated in a $5 million bribery and corruption scheme with a foreign national.

This informant has been revealed to be a “highly credible” source of the federal agency for several years, according to a new report.

Giant Biden Revelations Coming Up

As questions about the Bidens’ family wealth and murky foreign business ventures abounded for years, the Republican Party is now clearly making progress toward exposing the truth.

Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the head of the House Oversight Committee, subpoenaed from the FBI the unclassified informant file that’s allegedly implicating Sleepy Joe in high-scale corruption.

The FBI quite expectedly tried to cover up the document.

The agency’s director, Christopher Wray, kept refusing to produce the document until deciding to cave at the end of last week. That happened amid threats by House Republicans that he would be held in contempt of Congress, which might occur anyway.

A government source has now told Fox News, as cited by Breitbart, that the FBI informant implicating Empty Shelves Joe in a massive bribery scheme is a reliable collaborator of the law enforcement agency.

FBI Informant Might Have Impeccable Record

According to the source, the informant’s track record with the FBI went back “several years” to Barack Obama’s era. The document claiming Biden’s corruption scheme was filed in 2020.

The report also described the informant as someone who’d been “reviewed” by the FBI multiple times and was discovered “to be highly credible.”

House Oversight Committee chief James Comer subpoenaed the informant’s file after it was first accessed by Senator Chuck Grassley under legally protected disclosures of the FBI.

Last week, Grassley joined Comer on a high-profile conversation with FBI chief Wray, which left the issue unresolved. It was followed by Comer’s promise to initiate contempt proceedings against Wray.

It is becoming increasingly likely that the GOP might also move to impeach Biden, based on whatever might be revealed by the FBI file.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.