Biden Breaks His Word – Hundreds of Americans Left Behind

On Monday, while liberals and White House loyalists tried to portray the Afghan pullout as a triumph, social media critics slammed the president for abandoning his promise to stay in the nation until each American was out.

Although hundreds of Westerners are likely still left there, Marine Corps Gen. Kenneth McKenzie Jr. declared Monday that the last of US soldiers stationed at the Kabul airfield departed a day before Biden’s deadline, ending the military’s withdrawal in the nation.

Broken Promises

Critics quickly resurfaced President Biden’s earlier in the month conversation with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos; in this conversation, Biden vowed that if there are any Americans left, we’re going to stay to have them all out.

Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters posted a message with an extract from the ABC broadcast: I guess Joe changed his stance.

“Biden told the Taliban that he would leave by August 31. No one would have been left out, according to Biden. Which of Biden’s promises was kept?”, “Over 81 million Americans opted for a leader to ditch Americans in hazardous terrain,” stated freelance writer Chris Tremoglie.

The presenter of “Media Podcast,” Stephen L. Miller, questioned where the fact-checkers who followed previous President Donald Trump during his term had gone. He commented, “Ah, I imagine Daniel Dale and Kessler are too preoccupied fact-checking Internet jokes about [Biden] taking naps to verify this stuff.”

Hugh Hewitt, a Washington Post writer and MSNBC commentator, accused Biden of “abandoning Americans.” “It’s unbelievable,” he exclaimed. Oklahoma Rep. Markwayne Mullin chimed in, saying, “Americans deserved leadership, and all Biden offered us was falsehoods.”

“He changed his mind on the remaining Americans and partners in Afghanistan. What occurred to the people who were left behind? This government should be held responsible for this colossal blunder.”

Biden met his commitment to the terrorists to leave Afghanistan by August 31; he, therefore, went back on his word to citizens to have them all out before he departed, according to National Review editor Rich Lowry.

American Blood is Shed

11 Marines, an American soldier, and a Navy corpsman were killed in a terror strike outside Kabul’s Hamid Karzai Airport Terminal on Thursday; this attack wounded 20 more service personnel and wreaked even more bloodshed on innocent civilians.

The military members were manning the airfield as the Biden government rushed to remove Westerners and Afghan friends after the Taliban seized the country in a rapid attack.

The ISIS-K terrorist organization has taken credit for the suicide attack; this attack was intended to disrupt a major departure of Americans, Afghan allies, and third-country people outside the US-controlled airport.

In more than a decade, it was the bloodiest assault on US forces in Afghanistan. Ten of the killed – nine Marines and a Navy corpsman – were stationed at Camp Pendleton near California.