Biden’s Bill has Nothing for Border Security

Five Senate Republicans have stated they will vote no on any overall budget bill because of a refusal to sufficiently fund border protection.

GOP lawmakers cited a lack of funds for the wall on the southern border as an example.

No Money Unless There is Border Funding

Sens. Mike Braun, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, Cynthia Lummis, as well as Ted Cruz say financing proposed measures published by the Senate Budget Committee “struggle to provide America’s Border Patrol agents with the appropriate security facilities.”

These facilities are needed to defend America’s border wall from the ongoing crisis of unrestricted unchecked immigration, they warned in a letter to fellow politicians.

In a letter obtained first by Fox News, Republicans wrote, “the refusal to give sufficient resources is a continuity of the Biden-Harris government’s incapacity and reluctance to address the human and national security threats produced by its open border policies.”

“We want to say any finalized Fiscal Year 2022 comprehensive budget deal that fails to adequately finance our country’s border security will lose our endorsement.”

With much more than 1.7 million immigrant interactions in Fiscal Year 2021 and more than 192,000 refugee contacts in September, the United States is in the midst of a major, ongoing crisis at the southern border.

While the Biden government pointed to reasons such as crime and desperation in Central America, conservatives focused on the reversal of Trump-era measures.

This includes President Biden’s choice to cease border wall building, which totaled more than 450 miles under Trump’s presidency.

Furthermore, the five conservatives point out border wall financing was left out of Democrats’ budget proposals.

The Homeland Security appropriations bill diverts $1.9 billion in wall funds to other programs. As a consequence, the bill allocates $14.5 billion in money for Customs and Border Patrol, reduced from more than half a billion dollars in the Fiscal Year 2021 proposal.

Biden Administration Has It All Wrong

“Wasting taxpayer money on border fences while disregarding proven, more efficient, and less expensive investment opportunities to enhance border security is wrong,” the bill overview states.

“Instead, such monies will be redirected toward creative and cost-effective functionalities, as well as critical financial assets to support CBP employees.”

Conservatives pointed out a $50 million allocation would enable the removal of construction of the wall on federal property.

That comes despite “strong evidence” building a wall is a “vital weapon for America’s border control officials to battle undocumented immigration, narcotics trafficking, and people smuggling,” Republicans claim.

They referred to numbers from the Trump administration’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that indicate unlawful entry reduced by as much as 87 percent in areas where the wall was built.

“During the ongoing migrant crisis, continuous border security spending, especially continued money for physical barrier building, remains vital,” they wrote.

“As a result, we will not accept any Fiscal Year 2022 comprehensive arrangement that omits this spending or permits the government to eliminate previously implemented border security measures in the defense of our country.”