Biden Better Not Recognize the Taliban in the UN

Former UN Representative Nikki Haley chastised President Biden for neglecting to insist his foreign counterparts “not accept the Taliban” as Afghanistan’s official government. Haley called America “soft and feeble” under Biden.

The Taliban Wants In

The Taliban requested accreditation to participate at the United Nations General Assembly’s high-level gathering of global leaders this week in a letter to the UN. On the credentials panel, the United States is represented.

Haley, who participated in the Trump presidency, attacked Biden’s speech to the body on Tuesday. She said he lacked “guts” in not mentioning the Taliban.

“Joe Biden was brave enough to get into the United Nations this week to educate the globe on civil rights,” Haley said on Fox News. “Yet, he lacks the fortitude to call on the organization’s members to fail to acknowledge the Taliban.”

“These extremists slaughter ordinary Afghans in the neighborhoods, kidnap our allies, and push young girls into arranged marriages,” Haley stated. “America appears to be frail and pitiful.”

The Taliban, according to Haley, is a “terror organization holding a nation captive, not Afghanistan’s sovereign government.”

Haley and her advocacy group, Stand for America, produced a petition encouraging the Biden government not to acknowledge the Taliban as Afghanistan’s actual government. As per a Haley staffer, the campaign has already received 65,000 names.

However, the Biden government has stated it is not in a haste to acknowledge the Taliban as Afghanistan’s recognized government.

“There’s no rush to acknowledgment,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said earlier in the month. Psaki later said that will be scheduled based on what measures the Taliban takes.

The rest of the world will be looking to see if the Taliban lets American citizens stay, if they allow people to leave who want to, and how they handle girls and women across the nation.

The Taliban Created a New Government

Earlier in the month, the Taliban formally proclaimed the creation of its new administration, with many remnants of the original generation staying in the new administration.

Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund will lead the administration, with Taliban co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar as his vice. Mullah Yaqoob has been appointed as acting minister of defense, and Mullah Abdul Salam Hanafi has been appointed as a second minister.

Sirajuddin Haqqani is the head of the Haqqani Network (a recognized terror group) and is one of the FBI’s most sought-after terrorist agents. He’s also currently serving as the Taliban’s interim interior minister.

The organization is described as a Sunni Islamist terrorist organization (that is credited for a few of the highest-profile assaults of the Afghan conflict) by the director-general of the intelligence community.

On the last day of the high-level summit, Sept. 27, Afghanistan will deliver the concluding speech. Who will participate if the Taliban is awarded Afghanistan’s seat is unknown at this time.

Representatives of the credential panel are debating and examining the matter of potentially certifying the Taliban “closely,” according to a Biden intelligence source.