Biden Attacks Trump, COVID-19 Response During Delaware Speech

"Oakland County Canvass Kickoff Event - M" (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by Biden For President

There are less than two weeks remaining until the 2020 presidential election arrives. With the presidential debates officially over, Joe Biden is doing all he can to drum up as much support as possible before November 3.
October 22’s debate didn’t go too well for Biden and there are several reasons for this. For starters, undecided voters were overwhelmingly impressed by Trump’s debate performance; the former vice president, on the hand, received descriptions of being “vague” and “grandfatherly.”

Also, Biden’s lies about where he stands on fracking came back to haunt him on Thursday. When the Democrat candidate falsely claimed he didn’t support a ban on fracking, Trump reminded Biden of his and Kamala Harris’ anti-fracking remarks; at Biden’s request, the president also published the video of Biden and Harris’ talks of banning fracking on the Trump social media pages.
In light of all this, Biden attempted to re-direct on Friday by attacking the president and his response to COVID-19, reports Fox News.

Reviewing Biden’s Delaware Speech

While speaking in Wilmington, Biden repeatedly spewed misleading statements and outright falsehoods about the president and his response to COVID-19.
Biden claimed that the incumbent president has “given up” and “quit on” the American people. This simply doesn’t hold water, though.

Governors across the nation, even Democrat ones, have lauded Trump’s response and successful meeting of statewide needs. The production of more coronavirus test kits, personal protective equipment, and more are each priorities that the Trump administration took on.

The Biden Plan for Tackling COVID-19

Biden, of course, stated that if he’s elected as president, he’ll take a vastly different approach towards battling COVID-19.
By the former vice president’s own admission, this approach involves locking down the country again, pressuring state and local leaders to pass mask mandates, and then forcing Americans to be injected with the COVID-19 vaccination.

Yesterday, in Delaware, Biden also continued his attacks against Trump via fearmongering. According to the former vice president, Trump wants the nation “resigned to the horrors of this death toll.”
Finally, the Democrat candidate maintains that a one-size-fits-all “national strategy” is the approach he’ll take against coronavirus. Some Americans believe the past several months indicate that one-size-fits-all responses are not working.
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