Biden Always Painting His Political Rivals as Terrorists

The Biden administration does not consider people who firebomb pregnancy centers, damage churches, or intimidate Supreme Court justices as being domestic terrorists.

Biden Administration Has It Twisted

Rather, it characterizes parents who are worried about their kids as terrorists.

The fact that around 100 individuals on the terror watchlist were apprehended amid trying to breach our southern border in the past year is only a minor point to this administration.

Who exactly are homegrown terrorists? President Biden gave an alarming address at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall last autumn against a devilishly crimson background.

He declared that Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans symbolize an extremist ideology that challenges the very principles of our nation.

In basic terms, Biden was saying those who are the “real” terrorists are his own political foes and everyone who dared to oppose his agenda.

Additionally, the Biden administration has a lengthy history of using oppressive government authority toward its rivals.

Just last week, MRC Free Speech America made public a scheme run by the Biden administration, whereby the Department of Homeland Security militarized a $40 million anti-terrorism team.

The Targeted Violence & Terrorism Prevention Grant Program (TVTP), according to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, is a “high concern.” A grant totaling $352,109 was given to the University of Dayton.

The Republican National Committee, the Heritage Foundation, Fox News, and other mainstream institutions were linked to neo-Nazi paramilitary organizations in an astonishing pyramid of far-right indoctrination that Dayton presented in its grant submission to DHS.

To observe, compromise, interfere with, and penetrate objectives, participants are advised to assemble dossiers on them. At the same session, two other presenters attacked Trump and Ron DeSantis.

Crazy Comparison

A professor at Rutgers University named Alexander Hinton likened the presidency of Donald Trump to Pol Pot, the murderous dictator of Cambodia who is said to have killed over two million individuals.