Biden Administration Sat on Its Hands While Afghanistan Collapsed

A Defense Department source was questioned if the Army would have a list of all Afghans who previously worked in the US after the 20-year war in an intergovernmental conference earlier this summer. According to the Pentagon spokesman, such a list does not exist.

The Race to Get Out Started Long Before the Taliban Takeover

A Department of State worker outlined how they might eventually send endangered Afghans seeking special passports to the United States during another intergovernmental conference in early July, this one confidential and done by conference call.

According to the diplomat, Kabul would still not fall for another six to twelve months, giving them plenty of time to recruit more personnel and dispatch consulate officials to the city to clear the 20,000-person queue.

A network of nonprofits that deal with exceptional visa applicants sent repeated letters to the State Department’s Afghanistan Working Group in late July, two weeks even before the Taliban grabbed their first province capital. Those emails went unanswered.

Five officials and people associated with the incident told Politico about how the government squandered time; government also refused to accept responsibility to evacuate hundreds of people at risk as the Taliban prepared their resurgence.

Due to flaws in the withdrawal’s development and coordination, Afghans have been hanging to U.S. military transport jets as they speed out of Hamid Karzai Airport Terminal in Kabul, wherein President Joe Biden has ordered up to 7,000 soldiers to deal with the pandemonium.

The Government Did Nothing

They are sitting on their hands, an administration official said, speaking on the condition of secret identity internal concerns. It’s just been three to four weeks since they began surging. In reality, the Department of State task team only addressed those very same activist groups on Saturday, asking for their assistance in compiling a list of persons who needed to be relocated.

The Department of State is currently working on each and every potential scenario to ensure how they can help people who have aided them, said a Department of State spokeswoman, stressing that 2,000 Afghans and their relatives are already in the United States.

Officials from the Biden administration insist they’ve done everything possible to rescue sympathetic Afghans while drawing to a close America’s military engagement in the conflict. They also claim that broader circumstances, such as the previous government’s lack of interest in the matter, a depleted workforce, and the epidemic, hampered their reaction.

However, a State Department spokesman admitted that all justifications are inadequate. There are lots of reasons to choose from, the official remarked; however, they won’t be of much consolation to people killed. Officials claim that they had been attempting to resolve the visa process long before the Afghan conflict.