Biden Administration Now Pushing for Mandatory Vaccine Passports

"210210-D-BN624-0802" (CC BY 2.0) by U.S. Secretary of Defense

Roughly one year ago, Americans were told that “15 days to slow the spread” was necessary to stop the transmission of coronavirus. This 15 days then turned into shutdowns; later, face mask mandates came and then arrived the coronavirus vaccine. 

Since the inception of the rushed COVID-19 vaccine, many Americans harbored concerns that the U.S. government would attempt to force this vaccine on people. These concerns are coming to light, amid new government actions to implement vaccine passports. 

“President Biden Visits NIH Vaccine Resea” (Public Domain) by National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Starting on April 2, New York will begin introducing vaccine passports into their society. Over the weekend, reports broke that the Biden administration is now working on widespread vaccine passports, as Newsmax confirms. 

The Biden Administration on Vaccine Passports

In real time, the White House is working to implement vaccine passports. The vaccine passports would, of course, come as mandates for attending sporting events, traveling, and even physically entering certain venues. 

Jeff Zients of the White House COVID-19 Recovery Team (along with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) is leading the charge on vaccine passports. Earlier this month, Zients stated that a vaccine passport program will supposedly protect privacy and be of good to the public. 

Public Sentiment on Vaccine Passports

As of Monday morning, “vaccine passports” began trending on Twitter. A quick review of the tweets showed the American people rightfully speaking out against the dangers of vaccine passports. 

For starters, vaccine passports would mean individuals’ private data being stored in what is referred to as a “digital wallet” ; then, people using the vaccine passport program would simply pull up a code on their phones or on a printed piece of paper to prove either vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test. 

Critics of vaccine passports have pointed out that it mirrors the “social credit” system. As many people already know, the social credit system permits the government to easily control people based on the ability to increase, lessen, or completely turn off an individual’s access to services. 

Thus far, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and singer Ian Brown have come out against vaccine passports.

DeSantis stated earlier this month that vaccine passports will never be allowed in Florida; Brown, on the other hand, actually cancelled one of his shows, stating that he wouldn’t allow proof of vaccination as a requirement to enter venues. Brown also stated that any musician or entertainer who goes along with vaccine passports is a disgrace. 

Do you have concerns about vaccine passports? What do you think about the Biden administration working to make vaccine passports a reality? Let us know in the comments section below.