Biden Administration Makes Swift Decision Upon Gutting Title 42

From the moment Joe Biden set foot in the White House and started gutting immigration reforms passed by the Trump administration, the southern border quickly deteriorated.

It didn’t take long for word to spread that the southern border was wide open for illegal immigrants to just waltz right in. Since the current administration’s time in the White House, the data has shown massive spikes in illegal immigration.

Now, the Biden administration’s decision to do away with Title 42 is about to make the situation much worse. According to Breitbart News, the Department of Homeland Security will be giving illegal immigrants free, unfettered access to the United States, post-Title 42.

A Disaster of Epic Proportions

Title 42 permitted the return of migrants to their home countries amid their waiting for court dates. However, the Biden administration is moving in a very different direction.

Rather than having migrants wait accordingly for their days in court, Biden’s going to release them into the United States.

Meanwhile, there will be absolutely no incentive for these migrants to show up when they actually are scheduled to appear in court for a decision regarding their residency.

The most that migrants will get in a post-Title 42 America is a “notice” to appear in court. Though there won’t be any serious enforcement measures put in place with this notice.

As many Americans have pointed out, what the Department of Homeland Security has planned is by design.

States Gear Up For Mayhem

Even when Title 42 was in effect, border states such as Arizona and Texas were already struggling with the volumes of individuals coming to the border on a consistent basis.

Now, these states are having to prepare for a situation that’s going to be even more out of control. Naturally, the federal government is doing absolutely nothing to assist these states with a post-Title 42 border.

At this rate, what happens next is anyone’s guess.