Bernie Sanders Thinks Americans Want to Pay Higher Taxes

The Democrat Party has utterly and truly become out of touch with the American people.
Yesterday, Democrat candidate and socialist Bernie Sanders openly stated that Americans will be “delighted” to pay more money in taxes for various programs to be run by big government; these absolutely outrageous statements were documented by Fox News.

Why Does Sanders Think Americans Want Higher Taxes?

This idea that people who work hard for their money actually want to lose money by paying more money in taxes is so obscene that only a Democrat would say it. It’s unclear whether or not Sanders truly believes this or if he simply thinks that saying this will help him out politically.
During an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Sanders bemoaned the fact that healthcare and college are not “free” in America. This is a prevalent theme amongst the Democrat Party; everything should be “free,” but what they don’t say is that “free” translates to “higher taxes and less income” for hardworking Americans.
After rambling on, Sanders finally made the most outrageous assertion of all about what “a lot of people in the country” want.
In his own words:

“I suspect that a lot of people in the country would be delighted to pay more in taxes if they had comprehensive health care as a human right. “

See for yourself:

What do Americans Really Want?

Contrary to what socialists may believe, Americans who are working hard for their money don’t want to lose it. Instead, the majority of people in this country are interested in opportunities for economic, upward mobility. Despite what Sanders is saying, he’s probably aware of this also, although it’s not politically advantageous for him to admit that his socialist dogma is unpopular amongst the majority of Americans.
Most people in this country do not identify as socialists. This is a fact. Sooner or later, you always run out of other people’s money. The longer it takes for Democrats to understand this and stop allowing socialists like Sanders to represent their party, the more elections they will continue to lose.
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