Bernie Sanders Opposes Calls to Defund the Police

"Bernie Sanders" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Over the past week alone, calls to defund the police have sadly gained considerable traction.
Multiple mayors across the nation are appeasing Black Lives Matter’s calls to slash funding for police, hence lessening the presence of law enforcement. The tragic irony here is that areas where police departments are losing funding are also places where the presence of law enforcement is most necessary.

Conservatives have come out against calls to defund the police. In noting the absurdity and danger of defunding law enforcement, conservatives are also rightfully noting that crime will surge in areas without the police.
As Black Lives Matter works towards the abolition of law enforcement, various left-wing leaders are being asked about where they stand on this. In an interesting turn of events, socialist Bernie Sanders has come out and confirmed that he does not, in fact, support defunding the police, notes Breitbart News.

Bernie Sanders on Defunding the Police

During an interview with The New Yorker, Sanders came out against defunding the police.
The socialist senator professed that while America does need police departments, reform for these departments is necessary. Some reforms suggested by Sanders include higher payment, more training, and more advanced educational requirements for police officers.
During additional remarks shared with The New Yorker, Sanders also pointed out that law enforcement officials deal with incredibly trying issues; just some of these issues include addiction, mental health illnesses, and more.
The twice-unsuccessful presidential candidate’s opposition to defunding the police comes after similar statements from Joe Biden’s campaign.

As much of the left-wing base urges to defund the police, more and more Democrat leaders are being asked to clarify where they stand. Unlike Sanders and Biden though, some Democrats in Congress have openly backed the defund the police movement.
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