Ben Crump Removes Controversial Tweet In Fear of Defamation Case

Shortly after her legal representative promised defamation litigation in a Fox News program against individuals who slandered her, a well-known civil rights attorney removed his widely circulated tweet.

This is a tweet that targeted a woman who is a New York City hospital employee.

Lawyer Steps In

Ben Crump, who represented clients in numerous police misconduct cases, posted a video of a verbal dispute.

This dispute happened between an expectant New York City medical professional and a number of young black men. It had a little over four million views prior to removing it just hours later.

This is following the airing of the episode, which became popular on Twitter.

Crump exclaimed the contents of the video were unacceptable in his caption. He continued to say the clip captured a white lady trying to steal a bike from a black man and she attempted to weaponize tears to make herself the victim.

He said this kind of behavior has historically placed many young black men in danger.

He did not post an apology or any kind of comment after removing his video.

After the footage provoked controversy, Sarah Comrie, a healthcare worker at Bellevue Hospital, was placed on leave. Comrie is six months pregnant and just completed a 12-hour shift before the clip went viral, according to her lawyer, Justin Marino.

Marino said on Friday to Fox News that she has been branded as a racist and accused of stealing. He stated they will be looking into laying defamation charges as a result.

Several hours following the Fox News episode, Crump removed his post on Twitter. Marino said Comrie needed to go “in hiding” when the video gained widespread popularity.

Comrie Has Proof

Regardless of Comrie’s lawyer claiming that documents prove she bought the bike, the guys in the clip with her claimed they were paying to utilize it.