Barbie Movie is Woke Propaganda

As the Barbie movie nears its premiere, word is spreading about its ugly, anti-mom, and anti-woman rhetoric.

Woke Agenda

The woke feminism of the left is brainwashing your kids. In a conversation with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Dr. Ted Baehr cautioned families against seeing the film.

He said his family watching the movie on Sunday evening and it was far more awful than he could have imagined. According to him, it’s blatant propaganda.

He said Barbie is just awful.

“It starts off with a group of young girls interacting with little baby dolls. I currently have 17 grandchildren, most of which are little girls who love to interact with baby dolls.”

The girls in the movie proceed to grab the baby dolls, beat and strike them, and declare that they are no longer required to be moms.

In Barbie world, men are viewed as the root of all social problems. It is a staunch feminist view. Men were exiled as a result, giving them a better life.

Barbie is forced to leave as well because, despite the fact she despises Ken, she can’t come to terms with hatred of patriarchal society. In truth, Ken is the antagonist in the film.

Men are the bad guys and a few transgender actors are present. In other words, males are better at playing Barbie than women. What a loss.

Countless young girls have enjoyed using this fantastic item throughout the years.

Everything is ruined by Hollywood, it would appear.

Additionally, it seems the Barbie movie is bowing to Communist China. The South China Sea is shown on a map in the film as being within Chinese territory. As a result, Vietnam outlawed the film.

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According to Wikipedia, Barbieland is a matriarchal civilization where stereotyped Barbies live with a broad variety of other Barbies.