Ayanna Pressley: I Won't Call Trump the "President"

On Monday, House Reps. Ayanna Pressley, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib gave a press conference. During their remarks, the congresswomen spoke about the president’s tweets over the weekend; the tweets in questioned censured these representatives for their conduct and subsequently suggested that they return to their countries of origin in order to gain leadership skills.

Of course, progressives immediately pounced on this and declared President Trump’s statements as “racist.” This isn’t new and shouldn’t really come as a shock to anyone. Whenever Democrats are challenged or called out for their bad behavior, they immediately accuse their adversary of racism. It’s gotten to be quite old. However, Pressley’s remarks during yesterday’s words with reporters were actually quite fascinating. Breitbart News documented Pressley’s admission that she will never refer to Donald Trump as the president of the United States.

Reviewing Pressley’s Statements

The congresswoman and 1/4th of “The Squad” explained her reasoning for refusing to refer to the rightful and sitting president as the president. Pressley doesn’t believe that President Trump possesses the attributes which are becoming of a commander-in-chief. Therefore, she is flagrantly referring to Trump as an “occupant” of the White House.

Her explanation reads as follows:

“I will always refer to [Trump] as the occupant as he is only occupying space. He does not embody the grace, the empathy, the compassion, the integrity that that office requires and that the American people deserve.”

See for yourself:

The Double Standard

The fact that Pressley and her cohorts Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib, and Omar are melting down over a few tweets from the president is actually hilarious. These congressmembers willingly entered the political arena and, in doing so, accepted everything which comes along with it. “The Squad” gained notoriety as the most outspoken members of the House Democrat caucus. Surely Pressley, Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib, and Omar didn’t delude themselves into believing that they’re the only one who can vocalize opinions.


For as outspoken as these congresswomen are, they need to suck it up. When you go after someone in politics, when you consistently name-call and push for someone’s impeachment, you do so with the understanding that you might get censure in return. The fact that these representatives are kicking and screaming over President Trump telling them to return to their countries of origin simply showcases their inexperience and unfitness to govern.

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