Atlanta Rioters Terrorize CNN Reporters

"Smoke" (CC BY 2.0) by Georgia National Guard

While the George Floyd riots may be gradually dying down, opportunistic leftists are seizing any excuse to cause carnage.
This carnage arrives as AntiFa, Black Lives Matter, and other radical Democrats continue to call for the abolition of law enforcement. The “Defund the Police” crowd is working overtime to dehumanize and vilify law enforcement officers while deifying those who burn down cities.

Over the weekend, new riots broke out in Atlanta, Georgia. This time, the violence occurred in retaliation to the shooting of another black man in police custody. Townhall reports that rioters set fire to a Wendy’s in Atlanta and terrorized other parts of the city.

Reviewing Atlanta’s Most Recent Riots

Very early yesterday morning, rioters brought more chaos and destruction to Georgia’s capital city. This rioting involved not only setting a Wendy’s ablaze, but also terrorizing CNN producers and photojournalists who tried to document the event.

CNN, a network that has largely championed and excused violent demonstrations in the streets of America, continues to suffer at the hands of these rioters. Weeks ago, George Floyd rioters defaced the CNN building in Atlanta. Yet, the network still capes for these violent and threatening individuals.

Sunday morning, CNN reporters who attempted to cover the latest Atlanta riot were met with violence. Rioters broke the cameras of photojournalists and producers; then, they attempted to block cell phone cameras that were documenting the illegal activities taking place.
At this point, anyone who defends and excuses the actions of violent rioters bears at least some responsibility for the fallout. Rewarding and defending bad behavior makes one part of the problem. CNN is a prime example of the fact that acquiescing the mob won’t save anyone from its rage.
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