Arkansas Governor Slams Coronavirus Projection Models

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As time goes on, more holes continue to appear in narratives about COVID-19. Many elected officials issuing shutdowns have wrongly stated that projection models for coronavirus justify locking states down and forcing millions of Americans out of work.
As time passes, the flaws of coronavirus projection models continue to materialize. Governors are having to admit that these models were wrong, hence further putting holes into the false pretense that shutting everything down is the answer to COVID-19.

Yesterday, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson sat down for an interview with CNN. During this time, Hutchinson slammed projections and models for coronavirus, stating that these forms of data have lost much of their credibility, reports Breitbart News.

Gov. Hutchinson on Models and Projections for COVID-19

The governor of Arkansas professed that despite seeing a second increase in coronavirus cases in his state, projection models for COVID-19 are still unclear. Hutchinson furthermore noted that the spike in his state remains notably mild, especially in comparison to various “hot spots” within the state.
As one of the few states not to issue a shelter-in-place order, Arkansas is seeking ways to reopen businesses in a careful, measured manner. Still, the faulty projections models from folks who are supposedly experts have complicated this endeavor.

Gov. Hutchinson himself explained that knowing where projection models are heading is tough; despite this, however, Arkansas still maintains significantly lower fatalities and hospitalizations in comparison to other states. Finally, when the governor wrapped up his interview with CNN, he noted that Arkansas has “a lot of work” left in regards to COVID-19.
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