Arizona Joins Other Red States in Defending Election Integrity

"Welcome to Arizona" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by jimmywayne

Republicans across the nation understand and respect the value of election integrity. During the 2020 presidential election, countless claims about people receiving incorrect ballots, multiple ballots, and more surfaced. 

Other folks alleged that when they showed up at the polls to vote, officials said that they’d already voted. Meanwhile, additional reports of tabulation errors, ballot dumps, ballot harvesting schemes, etc., plagued the 2020 race and caused people to lose faith and confidence in U.S. elections. 

“Crane used to put sign in place” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Arizona Department of Transportation

Republicans are working to remedy this, no matter how much Democrats allege that last year’s presidential race was the “most secure” in history. Yesterday, Arizona joined other Republican states in passing legislation to defend election security, Breitbart News confirms. 

A Closer Look at Arizona’s Newest Election Security Laws

Doug Ducey, Arizona’s Republican governor, signed into law yesterday S.B. 1485.

Under this bill, individuals who fail to vote within the two most recent elections will not stay on Arizona’s voter rolls. Furthermore, S.B. 1485 maintains that Arizona residents who want to vote absentee must actually request a ballot, rather than the state just mailing out massive amounts of unsolicited ballots. 

Conservatives organizations such as Heritage Action are lauding the bill. In a statement, Heritage Action explained that S.B. 1485 will improve election security, reduce taxes paid by Arizona residents, and furthermore ensure that inactive voters are not receiving unsolicited ballots. 

Before S.B. 1485 arrived on Governor Ducey’s desk, the Arizona House of Representatives and Arizona Senate passed it strictly on GOP votes alone. 

Making Elections Secure Again

The security of U.S. elections matters and carries significant implications regarding U.S. democracy. Maintaining this security benefits all voters and ensures that people can participate in elections with confidence that their votes will count. 

As to be expected, Democrats are not pleased about the Arizona governor signing S.B. 1485 into law. The left railed against election integrity bills passed in Florida and Georgia; they’re now giving Arizona’s election security bills the same treatment. 

Stacey Abrams, a leftist activist and failed candidate for Georgia governor, took to Twitter yesterday, raging against Arizona’s election integrity bill. Abrams alleged, without evidence, that S.B. 1485 will essentially boot Hispanics and Latinos from the voting rolls in Arizona. 

Governor Ducey put out a statement on Tuesday to share some real information about Arizona’s S.B. 1485. Ducey explained that his state is steadfastly committed to elections that are both secure and accessible. The Arizona governor also pointed out that the Grand Canyon State has a pattern of ensuring that the integrity and security of elections are improved. 

What are your thoughts about Arizona’s latest election integrity bill? Also, do you believe that Democrats will attempt to challenge S.B. 1485 in court? Let us know your thoughts down below in the comments section.