Arizona Democrats Sound the Alarm on Southern Border Crisis

"Arizona National Guard" (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

The Southern border crisis continues to worsen as President Biden and Vice President Harris ignore it.

Back in the middle of March 2021, Harris officially assumed responsibility of handling the Southern border crisis and essentially fixing the mess that Biden made. With May 2021 on the horizon, Harris hasn’t even gotten close to alleviating the crisis. 

“Vice President Kamala Harris Visits M&T” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Maryland National Guard

Republicans have been some of the staunchest critics of the Southern border crisis; however, even some Democrats are now calling it out, as Fox News reports.

Recently, Sens. Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona — a state largely impacted by the border crisis — spoke out about the Biden administration’s inaction on this matter. 

Arizona Democrats on the Southern Border Crisis 

Days ago, the Arizona governor had to declare a state of emergency and sent the National Guard out to handle the crisis. As a border state, Arizona is not immune from the adverse impacts of the mess that Biden made. 

As senators of Arizona, Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema weighed in on the border crisis after Biden’s congressional address. Kelly said in a statement that while he liked certain pointers made by the Democrat president, he also would have liked to see Biden articulate a plan to fix the current border crisis. The Arizona Democrat then affirmed that he’ll continue holding the Biden administration accountable. 

Sen. Sinema echoed similar sentiments. The office of the left-wing congresswoman explained that Sinema aims to see greater action on fixing the border crisis; Sinema furthermore wants the Biden administration to rise to the task of assisting border communities in Arizona. 

Bipartisan Concerns about the Border Crisis

Biden’s allies have attempted to dismiss concerns about the Southern border as a right-wing talking point.

As demonstrated above, however, conservatives and Republicans aren’t the only ones with concerns. As the Biden administration talks about bipartisanship, the only real show of this is bipartisan concerns about a border crisis that has spiraled into mania. 

It doesn’t help matters that Biden and Harris are allowing states like Arizona and Texas to do what the U.S federal government ought to be doing. Biden has intentionally steered clear of drawing attention to the crisis he engendered; nonetheless, this will not make the crisis go away. 

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