AOC Tries to Lecture FBI, Gets Put Back in Her Place

It’s no secret that Democrats are obsessed with victimhood and portraying various groups of people as poor, oppressed individuals.
Earlier this week, House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pulled this stunt when she claimed that Muslim terrorists are treated differently by the legal system than white terrorists. However, assistant director of Counterterrorism Division of the FBI Michael McGarrity wasn’t having it, as documented by Fox News.

McGarrity vs. AOC

During a congressional hearing on Tuesday, Ocasio-Cortez asserted that Muslims who commit terrorism are charged as such, whereas white people who commit terrorism get off with mere charges of “domestic terrorism.”
This isn’t accurate and it didn’t sit well with McGarrity either. As an official of FBI counterterrorism, he explained a thing or two to the congresswoman about how dealing with terrorism really works in America.
In McGarrity’s own words:

“You’re using the word ‘charge,’ as I said before there’s no domestic terrorism charge like 18 USC § 2339 ABCD for a foreign terrorist organization. What we do both on the international terrorism side with the homegrown violent extremists and domestic terrorism, we’ll use any tool in the toolkit to arrest them.”

The two momentarily went back and forth with McGarrity having to explain more about 18 USC § 2339 ABCD.

As the saying goes, facts don’t care about your feelings.

Pushing False Narratives

At the end of the day, the remarks peddled by Ocasio-Cortez simply demonstrate the lengths which Democrats go in order to peddle narratives which even they know are false. The reality is that FBI counterterrorism officials have a duty to stop terrorism, no matter its perpetrator.
There are simply not officials in this unit of the FBI who are actively seeking to give white terrorists a less serious charge than Muslim terrorists. This is something which exists only in the mind of the Democrats, but thankfully, McGarrity was able to shut it down during Tuesday’s hearing.
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